Providing dancers, models or choreography for those really important, fun elements in your commercial, pop video or corporate in-house film clip!

Toyota Rav 4 TV Commercial

Choreography for a series of 5 Toyota Rav 4 TV Commercial worldwide.

Pepsi Sting TV Commercial

Diverse Break-dancer for Sting TV Commercial.

Tang TV Commercial

Choreography and Child actors for Tang Arabia.

Rawabi Nutreeboost TV Commercial

1 male and 1 female dancer for new Nutreeboost health drink. TV Commercial in your local cinema now.

Dunia Bank Corporate Film

Adult and Child actors for Dunia Corporate film.

Atlantis the Palm Short Film

5 of Diverse finest child actors filmed 20 short films at the Atlantis the Palm.

Dano TV Commercial

Diverse provided the Choreography for this unique and beautiful TV Commercial. We also provided the female adult lead and female child lead role for the commercial.

Blackberry TV Commercial

Finger animation for Blackberry Digital Animation.

MTV My Super Sweet

Scott Marshall was the official choreographer for the first and only ever Dubai episode of My Super Sweet.

Etisilat TV Commercial

EID celebration Commercial.

CNIA TV Commercial

Choreography and Dancers by Diverse Choreography.

Dubai 1

Broadway Tap routine and interview

Won-Ho Pop video

Choreographer for the comedian/pop star Won Ho.

Clarita De Qiroz debut single Rendezvous

Choreography and Dancers by Diverse.

Dance Party DVD


We represent the very best entertainers there are to offer from the UAE and UK.

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