Diverse is widely renowned to provide the highest quality of kids entertainment in the UAE!

With our exceptional performing arts school here in the Dubai, we have a vast number of hugely talented young performers on tap. Who’s Diverse training enables them to have what it takes to perform alongside our professional team!

EXPO 2020 bid

Mass movement choreography with over 1,000 kids creating the works EXPO 2020 DUBAI with umbrellas for Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Tang TV Commercial

Choreography and Child actors for Tang Arabia.

Dunia Bank Corporate Film

Adult and Child actors for Dunia Corporate film.

Atlantis the Palm Short Film

5 of Diverse finest child actors filmed 20 short films at the Atlantis the Palm.

Dano Light TV Commercial

Blackberry TV Commercial

Finger animation for Blackberry Digital Animation.

National Day

Mass movement show at DFC with 200 kids.

DSF – Kids Theatre Shows

Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood at Arabian Centre and Lamcy Plaza.

Land of Oz, Theatre Show

Burjaman Centre

Theatre Shows at Al Ghuraire Mall

Sound of Music, Nemo Adventure and Snow Queen.

Dubai Airport Flash-Mob

Diverse kids joined the pro team to make the most successful Award Winning Flash-mob in Dubai.

Samsung Smart TV Launch

Mix of kids and professional dancers – Dubai Mall on the Fashion Catwalk.

Du, Mirdif City Centre, Motorola, Grosvenor House Flash-mobs

Using students from Diverse.

 Saddiyat Island Gala Dinner charity ball

Choir at Emirates Palace.

Philips Echo Launch

Tribal Show.

National Day Parade

Mirdif City Centre.

Brazilian Parade for F1 Celebrations

Abu Dhabi.

Hip Hop and Stomp Show

Khalifa Mall Shows.

Baby Shop Fashion show

Diverse opened and closed the Fashion Show with a theatrical opener and funky/Urban number to close the fashion show at Dubai Fashion Catwalk in Dubai Mall

We represent the very best entertainers there are to offer from the UAE and UK.

Featured Projects